You Can Never Be Over-Dressed If You’re Not Wearing Pants

We were driving to dinner one night, I watched my boyfriend out of the corner of my eye as he slowly began to tilt his head back and look up.  He was daydreaming like JD from Scrubs:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      After a moment, he turned to me, completely unprompted, and stated this, “You can never be over-dressed if you’re not wearing any pants.”  After seeing my, “Bitch, you is cray cray,” look, he decided to explain.

 “Let’s say I walked into Baker’s Street, wearing a dress shirt, tie, and coat, but I’m not wearing any pants.  If I were wearing pants, people would think I was over-dressed.  But, since I’m not, all they’ll think is that I’m not wearing any pants.  Therefore, if you wear no pants, you cannot be over-dressed.”

No one could argue with that logic.  My boyfriend says some odd things.

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